Over 1,000 items designed for and by yachtsmen are available from TEAK.
Each item represents a blending of usefulness, innovative engineering, and beauty of shape.
    Each products was developed with one thought in mind-to bring you a variety of practical products that harmonize with either traditional or contemporary boat and home decor.

    Over 370 skilled woodworkers use the most advanced machinery available
to manufacture our products.
    Splinted joints and dovetail corners are construction details that are rarely
seen in today's mass produced items.
    These methods are used in all areas of our products that require extra strength and precision. Each part is machined and sanded prior to assembly. The item is then hand assembled and carefully inspected for accuracy of fit and workmanship.
    To complete the process each item is meticulously sanded to a smooth finish. This often neglected step is used to achieve Teak's soft, sensuous "touch of teak".

    The factory maintains an inventory of over 120,000 cubic feet of teak
to assure the continuous, uninterrupted flow of finished goods.
     All inventories is kiln dried and store in controlled conditions to hold moisture content to less than 12%. This attention to material control
effectively eliminates the possibility of warping, cracking, or shrinking.

    If you have an application for a specific teakwood item not shown in
our catalog, please contact us. Custom manufacturing for items produced
to your specifications is available on a volume basis.